Cookie Policy

A Cookie is a small file stored on your computer. It lets us recognise you. You might call it your identification card. In other words, it lets us recognise you if you come back to this website using the same computer and browser. Cookies as a whole help us improve the quality of our website, by letting us monitor which pages you find useful and which you do not.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to remember your preferences:

  • language and country
  • session log-in
  • your browser settings
  • useful information on our website.

How can they help you?

By remembering your preferences, we can avoid having to ask you which country you are in each time you visit our website. We will know the settings of the computer you are using and, that way, we will be able to offer you a better browsing experience. Please remember that the data we collect about your movements on our website and how you use it are statistical and not personal.

Some cookies are provided by third parties. These include: Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, DoubleClick.

How do I avoid and/or delete cookies?

Most browsers will let you change your browser settings to stop them from accepting cookies, or to delete cookies from your computer. A lot of browsers will let you activate a private mode, where cookies are always deleted after your visit. Depending on your browser, this private mode may have different names. Below is a list of the most common browsers and the different names for this private mode.

  • Internet Explorer 8 and above: InPrivate.
  • Firefox 3.5 and above: Private Browsing.
  • Google Chrome 10 and above: Incognito.
  • Safari 2 and above: Private Browsing.
  • Opera 10.5 and above: Private Browsing.

Please read the help section of your browser carefully, to learn more about how to activate its private mode. You can keep visiting our website even if your browser is in private mode. But, your browsing experience may not be optimal and some features may not work.