Do you want to learn how to work with glass?

The teaching of glass techniques is another very important facet of our studio, and we love it!

We know from experience, what it is like to try to learn in courses where there are many students with only one teacher.

You can see how the pieces are made, but when the course is over and you go back to your space, do you really know how to make them yourself? Do you know where in the process of making the piece you made a small or big mistake and how to fix it?

Probably not, that’s why we have decided that our courses are like private lessons, and that at all times they are monitored and supervised by us.

Our teaching philosophy has several key points:

To begin with, is that we transmit all the steps of the process and we adapt to the assimilation capacity of each student.

The second, is that by adapting to each student, we ensure that they assimilate and integrate all the movements that are essential and necessary to achieve the glass piece they want and develop the ability to do so during the course.

The last and main thing is that they clearly understand the needs that the material imposes.

ESTUDIO CIENTO2 offers two different types of glass courses; personalised courses of glass blowing or fused glass and an experimental archaeological glass course.

Students working with a torch during a course

Custom Courses

Custom courses teach our speciality, glass worked with a flame of fire, and includes ‘Making and Decorating Beads,’ ‘Glass Blowing’ or ‘Modelling.’ The 3 day course, is taught in the morning and afternoon, with a total of 24 teaching hours. The class sizes are 3-4 students maximum – it is our intention that the student receives personal attention, and acquires a solid knowledge, with the skills enabling them to develop their own designs in glass.

We also offer private lessons from beginners to advanced, with the duration and content personalised to the student’s preferences and interest.

If you would like to know more about any of our courses, please write to us at:

archaeological courses

Experimental Archaeology Course

The course ‘Experimental Archaeology: Glass in Antiquity, is a workshop that experiments with hot glass techniques. Explores and reveals all the techniques used to create glass objects in ancient times, from the first enamelled pieces, until the discovery of blown glass.  Includes demonstrations and practical work, with many opportunities for the student to participate in a range of techniques within their chosen discipline.

The course is open to anyone with an interest in glass, archaeology, art history or historical techniques.

If you would like to know more about any of our courses, please write to us at: