Excavación Collection: Bracelet

Glass pieces mounted on transparent silicone thread. Clasp and intermediate silver pieces.


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The glass beads that form the necklaces and earrings of the Excavation Collection recreate the appearance of Roman glass found in archaeological excavations.

In this collection, the glass material has lost its transparency it once had due to the compositional changes that would have occurred whilst been buried for centuries.

This jewellery collection uses glass and silver. All silver clasps and intermediate pieces are hand crafted. The jewellery pieces are flame-worked and aged beautifully with iridescent colours for its final appearance.

After being made with a flame of fire, each glass bead belonging to the necklaces and earrings of this collection are treated with a technique known as cold patination. With this, we were able to create the desired aged iridescent effect that characterises this collection.

The work process of these glass pieces are very slow and laborious. It is indeed possible to re-create the same model and typology of these glass beads. However it is impossible to re-create the same iridescent effects and color as there will always be a small variation. This makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.


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