G&W Flowers Collection: Small Earrings

Flower earring in red / golden and iridescent colour composed of a single piece of glass. Pressure closing system in silver.


  • Golden
  • Silver
  • Wine
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Two colors define this sophisticated and elegant collection: the vibrant effects of gold and the metallic colouration on the pearly surface and intense red.

The flowers are unique and organically shaped with red or golden and coloured iridescent effects on the surface.

The flowers are blown glass pieces. This is achieved with a controlled flame of fire. The liquid glass is allowed to oscillate to create smooth undulations. The technique used to create each flower relies on skilled artisanship. The glass is melted and formed without a mould, making each piece unique and difficult to repeat with precision.

Glass piece measurement: diameter 1.2 cm


Golden, Silver, Wine


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